What is REVVme?

REVVme is a service that will boost the effectiveness of your reviews, it allows you to send a review request to your client, it collects the review from your client and when you receive it back you can post it to all your linked social media platforms with ONE click or set the review on a schedule to post as often as you choose ex. every 3 days, once a week etc.
You only have to ask your client for one review and then you own it and can post it to several Social Media platforms.
We post the reviews to the most highly trafficked sites like Facebook, Linkedln, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest and you should (seriously consider) have a presence on all these if you are looking to generate “organic” leads with the highest conversion rates and also spread the word about what you do and how good you are at it.

Why do I need REVVme?

Social Media is probably one of the best and cheapest platforms to use for lead generation, but success is not achieved by posting just ONE review ONCE, but with a set frequency. Yes, we take care of that for you too!
All of us work, play, communicate, research brands and shop on Social Media and so does your potential clients, but more importantly the leads and referrals you receive from your own sphere will almost guarantee a closed deal vs. leads from third party sites.

How do I make more money with REVVme?

If we told you that for just $8/month or $75/year you could close just ONE more sale this year would it be worth it to you? How much are you spending per month on leads now, how many of those actually close and more importantly how hard do you have work to convert them?
REVVme is a powerful tool that will increase your reach/presence on Social Media all with ONE click and the “compound posting” of your reviews to those sites will have a huge impact on how many potential clients will actually see it not to mention the time you will save.

How much does it cost?

We know that you will love our service so much that we offer a 30 Day Free Trial, so you can see for yourself after that you will have the option of choosing $7.99/month or $75.00/year and you have the right to cancel at any time.
However, we do recommend that you try it for at least a year so you will get the full benefit of posting your reviews with a frequency.
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How do I sign up?

Do we really need to answer that? The only thing you will need to register is to create a user name and password and then enter your name, DRE#, Brokerage name and address and the state you are licensed in.
Linking your Social Media accounts is a breeze and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and then you will be ready to send out your first review request.