Get rid of the hassles and take advantage of the power of social networking on social media sites. REVVme makes publishing your reviews as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Close

You've closed the deal. Gotten the sale. Made your client happy. The hard work's done. Congratulations!

REVVME - Request

2. Request

Send an email to your client to request a review.

REVVme- Publish

3. Publish

Now post that review to a multitude of websites and social media platforms. Just one click and you're done!


REVVme transforms the realtor review experience for both the agents and their clients.

This simple yet powerful tool allows real estate agents to request a single review from a client and publish it to multiple platforms – enabling them to easily reach more prospects and build their reputations faster.

Publish reviews to multiple platforms

Publish your reviews to more places with less effort. Reach more client prospects faster. Increase your online search ranking. Take advantage of the power of social networking.

Client only write a single review

You only need to ask clients once for a single review - no more need for embarrassing multiple requests for multiple sites. Save face with clients - no more wasting their time. Make it easier for clients to work with you.

Easy set up and admin

Save time and money getting your reviews published. Broadcast reviews online faster, with less back and forth with clients, and less time spent on follow up and administration.

Low maintenance costs

Monthly costs are less than the price of a couple of lattes - and you save time, money, and the embarrassment of asking clients for multiple reviews.

Own your review content

If a site changes their user terms or loses content you always have the original reviews on REVVme. It creates a secure repository for your reviews, available anytime and at your fingertips.

Add websites and social media platforms, as needed

Quickly jump onto new social media platforms and websites as they become popular. Just add them to your publishing list and REVVme will automatically publish your old reviews to the new site.

Connect with past clients – update past reviews!

Have client review sitting in a your office, framed on the wall, printed and handed out at buyer or seller meetings? Get your reviews out there! REVVme will help.Copy and paste your past clients review on our review notification email. They can approve, add, or change the content. Take your online profiles from dingy & unused to exceptional!